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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  May 28, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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-p welcome back to fox 45 eay ú%ition. 5:21 is the time. you're taking a live look at the boardwalk in ocean city. joel is out theree he is getting ready for his live shot. he is going to taak to us about what is going on at ocean city, but right now, we have something else for you. it's friday, and that means it's your ttrn to sound off on our facebook page about anything you want. let us now what is on your mind and your response could air in our facebbok feedback segment. we want to start your weekend off right. the first two fox 45 aas to post the code word on our wall will win a great prize. this weaaks prize i have it up here and i don't think i'm
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supposed to show it to you yet. i am supposee to tell you it's just go to %-a to become there are showers moving to thh south and also it's going to be moving through that area where joel is, but we won't be looking at the thunderstorms we had yesterday at thh bus stop showers. 64 degrees, it will be a mild start but temperatures won't warm up a whole lot from here. here is a look at the showers, and the thunderstorms that move thhough. it doesn't leave us with a whole lot right now, but there's a chance for moreelight showers pushing through later on innthe day as the low pressure moves in and west. some imppovementtto come. it ill take a while until we totally improve. not all day showers just a scattered shons o chance of a s3
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today. we wiil talk about what you can expect with the holiday weekend in just a moment. right now a look at what we can expect. lauren. >> reporter: for ttoss of you you traveling to the beef this %-no problems to report on 97 traveling southbound. as we take a live look at route 50 at sandy point. -raffic is moving freely. it should be a quick ride across the bay bridge. if you're traveling along the beltway no problems to report from 795 to nef, you'r!! 95, ano 83, an 11-minute ride as well with an average speed of and from 83 to 7955you're looking at a quucker -minute ride with an average speed of 54 miles per hour. ú%at's a look at the morning
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thrashers, french fries and a quarter of a million people are expected to be taking all of that in this memorial dayú weekeed. joel d smith is live there with a look at the boardwalk. you shed the jacket, did it get warmer. >> reporter: this is for effect. i have mark, and he has a t-ssirt, too. we are in the spirit of things. this guy is a sprayypaint artist. instead of looking have him do something as weel. mark, why
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ardwalk. it's the demographics. we like to be here in open air.3 >> reporter: what are you making for us today. %->> reporrer: how is the wind helping you right now. >> the wind is not my friend at all. >> reporter: it's going to rain a little bit later i will tell you hat. cool stuff. he is utilizing everything. he has a pot and cinkled up paper. now he has colors on here. i wonder how much is going to look at that, it has already turned into sommthing. that is amazing. he is going to be out here at the pier at the jolly roger, we -id tons of those airbrushers but he says spray paint is the way to go. %-how long have you been here?. >> about four years.
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>> reporter: we are finishing off almost. and i think we did it. pretty impressive stuff, wow! what would you like this? >> reporter: sunset of the moon over thh yramid.ú i don't know, this may be coming back to the desk, what do you -hink? >> i like the first one you held up. bring the first one you held up, because it emind me of the vacation. >> eporter: that would bee3 the way to go. we have anothee one ww ant to show yoo. >> that is a specialty. >> reporter: what do you call that 01. >> verone. >> reporter: impressive stufff this is one of the new things can you see, mark chase will be on the boardwalk neer the erris wheel in the jolly roger pier. and ii will be spray painting and not airbrushing. >> we want to distinguish thatú tell him we want a fox 45
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original. >> reporter: they haae a request, a fox 45 original. that will be the masterpiece3 going on the anchor's desk. he is ready. >> we will check withhyou throughout the morning because there's so many things going on things to get to this morning. >> reporter: and a quarter of a illion people ready toocheckú it all out. -opefully he has got a lost paint. >> hoppfully. thank you, joel..3 stay tuned to fox 45 morning news to leern how to protect yourself when you're outdoors this weekend, we're going to talk with he program manager of the maryland skin cancer -rrvention program about the %-sunscreen guide.d 2010 interested in that. that is coming up in the 7:00 hour. a firefighter is hurt in a %-coonty. plays in baltimore the flames broke out near ian hoose lane at garrisoo after -1:30 last night. the firefighter was taken to northwest hospital witt minor injuries. there'' no word yet on what
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caused thh fire. the ncaa lacrosse tournament weekend. meaning. spot that hold special the universiiy of virginia lacrosseeteam is on top. when they take the field, they -eardley love, the senior lacrosse player was murdered3 earlier this month. her formerrboyfriend george huguely has been charged with her murder.ú huguely is from tte baltimore area and so many of the cavaliers. %-weeks, it has helped them grow closer. >> we are always ttinking of her when ww're ut on the field. being back hhre, sse is always in our minds. if the game was somewhere else, she wouud sstll be in our minds. >> it changes he field and it's the most mpprtant thing n our lives right now. >> the cavaliers take on duke in the second semifinal game at 6:30 on saturday night.
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stay tuned for more on the willacrosse tournament and the other sporttng events coming up in north baltimore. we are going to talk to the director of about the financial imppct all of these events have on the city. that is coming up in the 6:00 hour a baltimore county woman accused of having her husband killed filed a protective order against him last winter. marrin and three others are accused of taking paattin a ppot to kiil lee martin. shot outside of his dundalk bar. she claims she thought her husband waa going to kkll her. martin never followed through with the order, though, and the case was dismissedd scared to leave their abusers for a number of reasonn, probably the biggest one is that they're really not sure if that issgoing to make it work, will he kill her aayway?ú wiil he harm her anyway. >> the weekknd murder of
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mr. martin took a lot of bail for each of the four-ddfendants has been denied3 the police that has a gunman and a long criminal histtoy. he is a fugitive in florida and heecould face the death penalty if convicted. after a massive recall of children's medicine lawmakers want stricter regulations. over 40 over the counter johnssn and john medicines were recalled. some the products may have had a hhgher concentration offactive the bottle. now lawmakers want moreover see thmore --oversight at the healt. and responsible orgaaization inside america and a company with great connections to the about those aspirins and other
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being imported from outside of our country, from factories that are harder to reach and people who di!did not even speak our langgage when we go to inspect them. >> at one ohnson & johnson inspectors found contamination of innredients, filthy3 equipment, and potential of ingredients to be too potent. actually like why do you have sunnllsses on? isn't ttere no sun in the -uilding? >> how the disease affects his daiiy life. the backdoor cold front has %-and toward the south it has brought thunderstorms further south of our way to the south. we still stand the chanc
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chester town, down through easton and queen ann, denton and you can see the moderate rain falling further points south. -ou are still seeing showers around salisbury ut breaks toward pokimo city. anddwe're seeing tte most active %-thunderstorms this morning at washington d.c. we have the chance for some they move mostly to the souuh. we have a pop up.ú here is the best chance, because thhre's where the frootal boundary liis. take a look at how much rain we are expecting to pick up. there's still a chance f some showers, abbut .20 of an iich. the more you go west the better -hance ou haae to see more activity there. once again, we are talking about the backdoor cold front but it has oved further toward the south then. because it has moved further
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has a better chance of seeing the thunderstorms toward the south. if you go toward virginia,,you may run into showers or thunderssorms there. expect the further toward the south and west. as the low pressurr follows, we will see a chance of showers following up..3 again concennrated more so to the aaternoon. a couple of us will see -catttred showers nd not expecting to see as muchh3 activity as we saw last night. high pressure follows us and we have a nice memorial day temperature wise we're at 64 degrees at baltimore. 66 in d.c., 61 in salisbury and 67 in hagerstown. look for the temperatures not to climb as much today, because of the northeasterly flow oss and also the cold front movinggto 72 degrees will get you the %-for precipitation to seeekeep as much. 72 for thh eastern shore but the %-too different..3e state not 73 degrees with a 5510-mile-an-hour wind that could gust higher. back to the west we go.
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hiih temperature herr on the cool siie. 75 degrees, just a little bit warmmr, though as the front still hhs to push through and you can see the thunddrstorm chance still exists in that part of the stay. -onight 60 degrees, can't rule out a shooer tonight but after tonight, we're looking good. 73 degrees for today. keep in mind through the day today, not a quick warm up like we had yesterday. ú% at noon, 73 at 6:000p.m. -te high temperature around 73 at 4:00 this afternoon and he shower chances also around. tomorrrw 77 degrees, a little bit better as weestart to clear out and then 83 for unday, 91 for your memorial day, and 85 on tuesday with a chance of thunderstorms returning and 81 for wednesday, and 82 for -hursday, if you happen to bb headed for memorial day weekend at the beach at ocean city, look foo tomorrow to include a couple of showerr, 70 for the high, then we warm it up to 80 and 82 for memorial day.ú mostly cleaa skies. happening on the roadways. easy for me to say. here is lauren cooke with the traffic edge.
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lauren? >> reporter:: thank you, steve. the roads are nice and clear for those of you traveling to the beach this memorial day weekend. ú% problems to report along the southbound lanes of interstate -7. as we check in and take a live look at route 50 at sandy point. there's a smooth riie across the bay bridge. it doesn't take too long at all. we are dealing with an ccident along the eastbound lanes at route 32 that is going to be at interstate 95. and fortunately, the slowing thattwere dealing has cleared. you're looking at high speeds at ú%e west side of the belttay at bi56 miles per hour at liberty road. and here is a live look at the park vim areville area where yoe the outer loop lanes are moving along just feign. it will b-- just fine. and the speeds are clocking in at 68 miles per hour. here is a wide look at the area. you can see no problems to report traveling northbound or southbound to the city. we are dealing with a fallen
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tree that has hutdown mall that is
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an 11-year-old from maryland is drawing some national attention because he wears dark glasses and an unusually long belt. >> kathleen cairins introduces
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us to him who faces his own battle as he sees the world from his own view. >> reporrer: recess is aa3 treasured time for 6th grader as the elementary school in brannywine and bojourn brooks is the leader. and a follower as he clings to his friends. >> i'm putttng beeind me. >> reporter: others watch. he is awesome. >> reporter: not out of ú%riosity but admiration. >> he still can but he can't.ú it's awesome. >> reporter: as he heads back inside, bojourn gets questioned3 >> why do youuhave sun glasses. there'ssno sun in the building. >> reporter: bbjourn reveals
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his dark secret. -e is going blind. >> i'm lowly losing all of my vision. i can't see the board. of an aad in class, but in the hallway he as memorized the school. and sinceehis disease s ddgenerative. three doors, one in the left and >> reporter: he pays a daily visit here. >> great, would you grill that for me please. >> reporter: he learrs -raille with miss woodburn. in the dark his eyes are sensitive to light. the are dimmer.ú %-disease attacks the retinaa >> if the sun is directly in his eees,,then he is totally blind. >> reporter: as his condition deterioratee, those around him -repare him for hii future.
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>> if he wants o be independent, braille is going to be vital for him. and bojo uun knows that. >> reporter: they hope for aa3 cure. >> my dream for him is to one day be able to see 100%. >> reporter: now his spunky 12 years old issenlisting the help of his classmmtes to raise money for research. >> he has about $25.ú cure. >> $126.75. >> i love him so. >> reporter: the school has become part of team bojourn and his big vision doesn't ssop here. >> bojourn is gooo, he is regood. >> reporter: and like the karate kid it's grambbingga form of martial arrs and ojouron's number one fan is watching.
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twice his ize. >> when he goes out to competitions he beats lots of peoplee >> reporter: the hard work has paiddoff. ú%juorn is nationally ranked for grapplers under 60 pounds. >> i think i'm the highest.3 ú% reporter: on the matt his disability is barely noticed. >> good,,very nice. >> then you start going. ú%u know he is partially blind, as awesome. >> reporter: as practiie ú%ds, bbjourn has one final message. >> that therr's no final limits. >> reporter: kathleen cairins fox 45 orning news. coming up, later on foo 45 morning news, the girls of sex and the city reunite for a second time. >> this city is just mmyhem,ú crazz mayhem. -p>>the movie is awesome. howwit changes location is spicing up their latest outing. next the ravens finish heir
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save money. live better. walmart. here is your irst look at sports. good news and bad news for the orioles. they got the game in despite the dire forecast. that is the good news. now the bad, they ot the game in as they book another
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frustrating defeat. top of the second, no score. after a 2 run shot for groves. the a's strike first. to lead it 2-0. chugging around 3rd, he will score, the game is tied at 2. and burg enson settled. -e retired 15 in aarow at one point. then at the bottom oo thee3 7th he leads it -2. milling el at the jaz!!3-2. miguel tejada leads it. bases loaded and he clears it more than double at the gap and left center. jay fox all cooe into score, the
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jays scoreeto take it 7-5 lead. ferguson he is bummed out. the bottom offthe 5. andrew bailey strikes him out to end the game. the a's comeeback to beat the orioles 7-5 to take the 3-game series. meanwhile right fielder nick mr kamarkakis was given of the y off for thh best possible reason. his wife christina gave birth at 8:25 p.m. to tucker edward. he weighed in at 7 pounds ne ounce. he is lean like his old man. everyone is fine. markakis will rejoin the o's tonighttat toronto. they won't be off the practice field for llng. rookies only camp bbgins on tuesday and joe flacco will probablyyttke part even though he is not rookie. he is headed into the 3rd
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season of he raven's quarterback. his confidence level is rising all the time as is his leadership. one veteran raven is taking notice. >> his mmturity on the field became evident. i think this year it will be better for us as a team. i think he has blossomed out of he has become thh face of the organization. that is what you want from yo
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